School workshops

As well as being a children’s author/illustrator, I am also a trained coach, and can deliver workshops to schools on creativity and wellbeing. I’m a HeartMath Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner. I have undertaken specific training to work using EFT with children and young people and have an up to date certification in Safeguarding. 

How to create a picture book

In this session I can talk about the process of putting a picturebook together. The workshops can be tailored to the age range of the class.

We can discuss how to get ideas, how to find your character, storyboarding, working with pen and ink, collage, and for older children I can talk about digital tools such as Photoshop.

Growth Mindset

In The Perfect Percival Priggs Percy learns the value of making mistakes and sticking with what you love, even if it is hard at first.

In this session we can talk about what a growth mindset is, and how kids can develop one. We’ll talk about the idea of failure, and I’ll introduce them to famous people who failed many times before succeeding. They’ll learn that they don’t need to get something perfect first time, and the value of not giving up. 


HeartMath workshops help children to transform stress into resilience, so they can feel happier and perform at their best.

HeartMath is a system of simple and powerful self-regulation techniques including breathing, meditation and positive emotional focus. These practices give children the skills to self regulate when they feel anxious or stressed. 

EFT for kids

Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping allows children to talk about their emotions and release negative feelings by tapping on acupuncture points. 

Group sessions are conducted with the help of a teddy bear to demonstrate the tapping points. Children rate how they’re feeling on a scale of 0-10 and as they tap will be able to see an improvement in how they feel.

This practical tool can help children and young people cope with the stresses of the modern world. 

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